Deadly Little Secrets

Author : Laurie Faria Stolarz

Until three months ago, sixteen-year-old Camelia’s life had been fairly ordinary. Then a mysterious boy named Ben started junior year at her school and changed everything.
Rumored to be somehow responsible for his ex-girlfriend’s accidental death, Ben is immediately ostracized by everyone on campus. Except for Camelia. Despite the rumors, she’s inexplicably drawn to him… and to his touch. But soon, Camelia is receiving eerie phone calls and strange packages with threatening notes. Ben insists she’s in danger, and that he wants to help — but can he be trusted? She knows he’s hiding something… but he’s not the only one with a secret.

Main Characters :

A Girl Without A Date #24

August 31st


What is rejection?
•the speech act of rejecting.

We’re all afraid of getting rejection, especially when you’re applying for a work to that company, and when you’re confessing your feelings for that person. We hate getting rejected but after getting rejected you’ll learn something, I think the things you need to improve.

Did you ever feel of getting rejected?

Back then when I tried to submit the photo I took, they rejected it, it’s because the scene or the type of photo I took is really common. And after that I learned that I need to take a photo that is unique or rare.

In love, honestly I got rejected for two times. First, I told to the guy I liked that I like him and I told him that I wanted to be friends with him but he rejected me. Second, the guy I liked found out that I like him, then he told me to stay away. Even though I got rejected two times, I learned something that I need to be what so called HARD-TO-GET and I need to wait.

A Girl Without A Date #23

August 30th

What if the guy you like is now your close friend, and he ignored everything you sent him? What if he didn’t replied back to your messages? What if he really wants to ignore you? What will you do?

If I’m going to answer these questions, I think if he started ignoring me or my messages, of course I’ll start worrying. And I’ll go straight to his house than calling him. Also I’m going to beat him up if he did that. I know I don’t have the rights but I’m still his friend.

What if he told you to stay away from him? What will you do?

If he told me to stay away, instead of leaving him alone, I’m going to bother him more. Of course I’m still his friend, so I need to know the reason why he told me that.

If the guy we like ignored us, it hurts right? It will bring you down, right?

A Girl Without A Date #22

August 29th
Beauty is one of the most important treasure of a woman.

-an outstanding example of its kind.
-the qualities that give pleasure to the senses.

Beauty? Hmmm… Some of the guys like the type of a girl who is beautiful and sweet. Other guys like the type of a girl who is the bad one, I mean is what so called The-Bad-Girl, and if that guy is ready to change the girl he likes, he’ll do everything. But I think every guy like the type of a girl who is beautiful inside and outside.

Yes, we’re not perfect. You know, someday that SOMEONE will come to love you and accept who you are, also your imperfections. Even though you have those bad sides, that SOMEONE will accept and love everything about you.

If A Guy Really Loves You:
•He’s ready to accept everything about you.
•He’ll understand you or your situation.
•He won’t complain.
•He won’t judge you.
•He won’t hurt you without a valid reason.
•He’ll respect you.
•He’ll be proud of you.
•He’s willing to meet your family and friends.
•He’s willing to make plans with you.

A Girl Without A Date #22

August 29th

Beauty is one of the most treasure to us girls.

  • Beauty – a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

Honestly, not all the guys in the world, their taste for woman is just the beauty itself. If I’m a guy, I think I’ll choose the type of girl who is simple but beautiful inside and out. Sometimes we like the type of a person who is beautiful inside and outside. But others like the type of a person who is what so called Bad-boy or bad-girl, I think those persons who like that kind of type are ready to change them, I’m not sure. We can’t judge easily you know. 

But take note of this, someday someone will come and love you, and he’ll accept everything about you, also your imperfections. Don’t worry that SOMEONE won’t judge you, SOMEONE won’t hurt you, if SOMEONE hurt you there’s something wrong with him or you. But let me tell you, don’t let others drag you down. If you’re in love you’ll bloom, if that guy hurt you you’ll bloom too. Just take care of your beauty(inside and out). No one is perfect.

A Girl Without A Date #21

August 24th

My first date with E was a little bit successful. We met yesterday at the mall. Well, my parents gave me yes for yesterday’s plan.

How’s life everyone? Fine or not?

The topic for today is when a guy told you you’re beautiful. Did a guy tell you that you’re beautiful? Yes? What if the guy you like told you that you’re beautiful, what will you do?

E is always saying that I’m beautiful, and I don’t know if he meant it. And he’s always sweet towards me. He’s the first guy who’s always telling me that I’m beautiful. And now I’m hoping that there’s a chance between him and I.

If A Guy Told You You’re Beautiful:
•I think there’s possibilities that he likes you. I’m not sure.
•I think he’s the guy who’s one of the people who appreciates you.
•I think that he’s really attracted to you.

A Girl Without A Date #20

August 22nd

Hi everyone! How’s your love life? You can comment it below or just comment your love life if you want. Anyway, the topic for today is about MISSING SOMEONE’S PRESENCE. 

Did you ever feel that you’re missing his presence? Yes or no? It’s normal to miss the presence of the guy you like, even guys misses their love ones or the girl they like. But when you’re desiring someone, that’s another story. For me, when I’m missing his presence, I’ll message him on iMessage then, he’ll call or I’ll call him, and we’re always talking on the phone, I think more than 1 hour. And sometimes he’ll call me before I’m going to sleep, and E’s always saying, “Goodnight, don’t worry this closeness of our friendship won’t fade away. I won’t change promise. I told you that the right girl came and I won’t let her go. Sleep tight and let’s talk tomorrow.” And after the phone call, he’ll message me again, “Sweet dreams.” 

Honestly, me and E are still friends, but I’m hoping that our relationship will upgrade, lol!

How can you tell that you’re missing him:
-You’ll feel that you’re hopeless.
-You’ll feel that the time is so slow.
-You’ll feel depression sometimes (When week passed then he’s not messaging you)
-You’ll feel like you want to call him then, you’ll change your mind and you’ll think that, “Oh he’ll get annoy if I bother him.”
-You’ll feel like you want to eat sweets because you’re bored waiting for him to message you.

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A Girl Without A Date #19

August 21st

When someone started to compliment you about your looks. And when someone told you that “You’re blooming today.” And when everybody told you, “You’re always pretty and happy, what’s the good news? Are you in love?” And of course you’ll start looking at the mirror every morning and before going to sleep. Also you’ll realize that you became beautiful and you’re always happy.

Someone told me that if you’re in love you’ll became beautiful/blooming and of course happiness will be there on your smile. And if you’re broken hearted, they said after those days you’re down, you’ll bloom too.

Are you in love? Did you ever feel the feeling of being in love?


Freedom means to be free. But don’t abuse it when you have it on your hands.

I’ll share you a story.
Since I was young, I don’t have my freedom, I can’t play outside like the other kids. Until now, I still don’t have that freedom thing, my parents chose the school I need to attend, and of course they’ll bring me to Singapore to study there, and I don’t like that, I don’t want to left my beloved country just for my studies, and my parents wanted me to choose the course, Civil Engineering/Aeronautics Engineering. But I wanted to choose the course that is connected to my hobby, I want to choose Computer Engineering, I love programming. My parents sent me to an all girls school for my highschool, gosh, I’m really tired being chained in the neck. I can’t breath anymore in a atmosphere like this or in this lifestyle. I can’t decide on my own because my parents wanted to decide for my future. Back then they got angry when I told them I have a crush on someone, I’m old enough to have a crush, it’s just a crush. Sigh, I can’t feel the meaning of home.

We wanted to have a freedom right? Just a little percent of freedom, I’m contented to that. I’m so pissed about my lifestyle or whatever. What if you get old then they still didn’t give you your freedom, what will you do? Please comment below.

A Girl Without A Date #18

August 19th

Did you ever feel the feeling that you just want to give up on your feelings? Sometimes right? I already felt that feeling, but I came to realize that giving up your precious feelings for that guy is impossible, I mean is it’s hard to give up if you really love him even though you’re getting hurt. You’re getting hurt right? You’re just learning something new. I learned so many things about this love or feelings.

*I learned to be true to myself.
*I learned that if you didn’t try, you won’t see what will happen.
*I learned to wait.
*I learned to be humble.
*I learned to have self-love first before that love for that guy.

Don’t try to give up, ‘coz what if you’re happy with that state, then you just thought of giving up, never give up if you didn’t try it and see what will the result right? Even though you got hurt, you learned something new, right? Don’t be afraid to fail if you tried and gave your best shot, but be afraid if you fail and you didn’t try and give your best shot. Also be matured and grow up sis! Just try it, don’t be afraid to love, okay? Love is in the air, really? I can’t see it.

I told E that I’m not busy on Saturday(8/23/14). And I told him if he want to hang out with me, and he said yes. I told him that I want to have a lunch with him, so we will meet up at 12:30nn at Starbucks I think. But I talked to my mom, my mom told me, “When did you start acting like that? Why’re you always out of the house? I mean is you’re always hanging out with your friends. Okay, talk to your father, ask his permission for this lunch thing with your friend, OKAY?” And now I thought that my mom got annoyed because I’m always out, hanging out with couple of my friends. But I wish that my father will say yes…